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Payment Deadlines


Fall 2021: Aug. 6, 2021

For students registering after Aug. 6, tuition will be due at time of registration.

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Payment Options

Payments may be made online, in person, by phone or by mail. Additional arrangements with the financial aid office may be required for financial aid, foundation scholarship, florida prepaid and third party voucher. 

All fees are due and payable on the assigned date. See payment options for full details. 

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Pay Tuition NowCurrent Rates

All students are under the current tuition rate which is set for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and is subjected to annual increases.

Lower Division Courses (per credit hour)

  • In-state residents: $102.48*
  • Out-of-state residents: $386.52*

Upper division courses (per credit hour )

  • In-state residents: $112.08*
  • Out-of-state residents: $442.08*

*See fees section for included costs. 


Fees are mandatory. All costs listed are per credit hour. 

Class Division Residency Tuition ($) Fees ($) Total ($)
Lower In-state 78.84 23.64 102.48
Lower Out-of-state 78.84 307.68 386.52
Upper In-State 91.79 20.29 112.08
Upper Out-of-state 91.79 350.29 442.08

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Fees are due and payable on the assigned date.

Schedule of Additional Course Fees (pdf)

Additional Information

Audit Students

Audit Students pay the same application, matriculation, tuition and special fees as credit students.

College Level Non-Credit Courses

Fees for non-credit courses are designed to cover, at a minimum, the expense of conducting the course, and they vary from course to course.

Fees for Special Programs

Special programs of varying duration may be offered appropriate to the needs of the community.  Fees will be detailed in program brochures and in all cases will be in addition to those incurred as a student enrolled in regular degree courses listed in the catalog.


Except for qualified veterans (see Veterans), the College cannot, by Florida law, extend credit of any kind.  No registration will be completed until all registration fees, incidental fees, matriculation and tuition fees have been paid in full; nor may a student attend classes until these requirements are accomplished.

Personal Expenses

Room, board, and transportation expenses are not included in student course costs. Students wishing to live in the vicinity must contract for their own living accommodations

Refund Policy

Access, application, deferred examination, graduation, I.D. card replacement, late, reinstatement, testing, and transcript fees are non-refundable.

Refund Options

Refund options include: 

  • Easy Refund = Same Day
  • ACH transfer = 1-3 Days

Refunds during posted add/drop period

Refunds of 100 percent (less nonrefundable fees) will be made until the last day of registration (end of the posted add/drop period).  Refunds are processed 10 days after the posted add/drop date of the term, and sent via the option chosen by the student.

Students who register for accelerated or short-term classes will follow the same procedures but may have separate add/drop refund deadlines.

Refunds during the withdrawal period

Students who withdraw from a course based upon a documented College error after the close of registration (end of posted add/drop period) may petition the College Refund Committee for a refund of fees.

Returned Check Policy

SCF has adopted the following policies to apply to all checks returned to the College due to insufficient funds:

A minimum fee of $20 will be charged for each returned check.  The maximum charge permitted by law is the greater of $40 or 5% of the face amount of the check.  The check writer is also responsible for all of the cost of collection. 

The return of a check shall result in cancellation of registration during the posted add/drop period.  To be permitted to re-register, the amount of the returned check, plus the $20 returned check charge, must be paid. 

A returned check given for any purpose by a student following the posted add/drop period will result in the student being withdrawn from class.  Readmission will be permitted only after payment is made in the amount of the returned check, plus the $20 penalty. 

A financial hold will be placed on the records of a student who submits a "bad" check and will stay until the check has been "made good."  Any student whose records indicate a returned check which has not been "made good" will not be permitted to register for future courses at SCF, and any request for transcript of the student's college record will be refused.

The college reserves the right to refuse payment by check for any student whose record indicates returned check activity for past transactions.

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