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1. Apply For VA Benefits (If you have never applied before)

If you are a Veteran you must use the VA website to complete the form 22-1990 to apply for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  Click here to access  If you have used benefits at another college, please select the "Transfer Veteran Students" icon at the top of this page.  This copy must be provided to the Office of Veteran Services.


2. Apply to SCF 


3. Certification of Enrollment

Once you have selected your courses & verified that your course selection applies to your degree program, you may submit the Request for Certification Form.  Assistance with selecting your classes and printing your CAPP Degree Audit is available at each campus Vet Center.

Link to VA Request for Certification

Transfer Of Post-9/11 GI-Bill® Benefits (TOE/TEB)

Click The Link Above for Detailed Information

Department of Defense (DOD) will electronically transmit  the Transfer of Eligibility (TOE) information to VA and simultaneously electronically notify the family of eligibility.  Eligible students then complete a VA Form 22-1990e, Application for Transfer of Entitlement.  This form can be completed on the website.   Students should not complete and submit a 22-1990e until after their family has been notified by DOD that they are eligible.


  Licensing & Certification 

The VA can reimburse the cost of approved licensing and certification tests. Students are reimbursed the cost of the test, not to exceed the approved cost of the test or $2,000. For detailed information and procedures for receiving reimbursement please visit the Licensing & Certification portion of the VA Website by clicking this link.  






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