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Tuition and Fees Comparison

At SCF you can lower your costs without lowering your standards. SCF's tuition and fees are about 50 percent less than the Florida state universities, not including the added cost of dorms and meal plans. Compare tuition and fees below.

Lower division
Upper division
 FGCU  UF  UCF USF   FSU Phoenix  Keiser
Per Credit Hour $102.48 $112.08 $203.94 $212.71 $212.28 $211.19 $215.55 $398 $497.63
Per Year* $3,074 $3,362 $6,118 $6,381 $6,368 $6,336 $6,467 $11,940 $14,929

*Tuition and fees based on Fall 2018 term, 15 credit hours per term (30 credit hours total). Figures are based on actual tuition and fees for SCF and tuition and fees posted on for each college or university. Additional fees may apply.

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