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SCF Wellness Program

A Lifelong Journey of Personal Health and Fitness Wellness Dancer

The SCF Wellness Program is designed for full- or part-time SCF students and is made up of a variety of activities from the seven dimensions of wellness: Physical, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational and Environmental.

The program begins the first day of classes during the Fall and Spring semesters.

How Does The Program Work?

Every activity is given a "wellpoint" value. Complete the activity and receive the wellpoints. Each academic year, every participant must complete the Wellness Enrollment Form (Coming Fall 2019) and a Health Evaluation (Coming Fall 2019) to begin the program. After completing the enrollment form, each participant can begin accumulating wellpoints to be eligible for SCF Money to be used in the SCF Bookstore.

See the 2019-20 SCF Wellness Brochure (Coming Fall 2019) for complete details on program requirements and eligible wellness activities.

Access the online Calendar of Events for a listing of locations, dates and times of SCF wellness activities

Student Prizes

You must earn at least 500 wellpoints (must include at least four different activities) to qualify for SCF Money. Each submission is worth $150 in SCF Money. You can submit up to two per semester.

Once you have completed your activities and compiled your wellpoints, simply turn in your wellpoints tracking sheet (with required documentation) to the Club Hub on the appropriate campus.

For more information, contact

Michelle Puls (Bradenton)
Dris Stephen  (Venice)

Good Luck on your journey to personal health and fitness!!

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