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Domestic Violence

How to report Domestic Violence
In an emergency call 911
Report to SCF Public Safety at 941-752-5550
Confidential Reporting LinkSPARCC 941-365-1976 for Sarasota County, Centerstone 941-708-6059 for Manatee County, Campus Ministry 941-752-5607

What is Domestic Violence (Dating Violence or Intimate Partner Violence)?
Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Intimate Partner Violence all terms that are used to identify a pattern of abusive behaviors used to exert power and control over a current or former partner. Physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions or threats of actions that a reasonable person in similar circumstances and with similar identities would find intimidating, frightening, terrorizing, or threatening. Such behaviors may include threats of violence to an individual or an individual’s family member. 

Interpersonal Violence can encompass a broad range of behavior committed by a person who is or has been:

  • In a romantic relationship with the Reporting Party (of the same or different sex);
  • The Reporting Party’s spouse or partner (of the same or different sex);
  • The Reporting Party’s family member; or
  • The Reporting Party’s cohabitant or household member, including a roommate.

Where to find support?

  • Counseling Information                                                                 941-752-5107
  • Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC)                               941.365.1976
  • Hope Family Services                                                                   941.747.8499
  • Sarasota Sheriff’s Office                                                               941.861.5800
  • Sarasota Police Department                                                         941.366.8000
  • Manatee Sheriff’s Office                                                               941.747.8011 ext. 8401
  • Bradenton Police Department                                                      941.932.9300
  • Palmetto Police Department                                                        941.723.4585 ext. 6126
  • Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office                                                 941.205.5636
  • Victim Assistance for Venice Police Department and North Port Police Department is offered by the Sarasota Sheriff's Office 941.861.5800
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline
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