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Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal Policies

A withdrawal is a change in the student’s course schedule where one or more courses are withdrawn before the end of the term. Withdrawn courses appear on the student’s transcript as a “W” and are classified as attempts. No refunds are permitted for withdrawn courses.

Withdrawal from a Course or Complete Withdrawal from the College (No Refund)

Withdrawing from the College - Withdrawal is defined as a complete separation from State College of Florida for a particular semester. A student can withdraw from courses online, but may not withdraw from the last registered course online. Students withdrawing from all courses must complete a withdrawal form, meet with a representative from Financial Aid and Academic Advising, then submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar by the withdrawal deadline as published in the Academic Calendar, Catalog, or on the SCF website. Failure to follow this procedure may result in a grade of “F” being assigned for each course for which the student is registered. No fee is charged for withdrawals.

Financial Aid Impact:

Federal financial aid Title IV policy requires colleges to calculate how much aid a student has earned if they withdraw or stop attending prior to the completion of a semester. If the withdrawal date is less than 60.1% of the semester, the student may have to return a portion of the aid received, as well as owe the State College of Florida (SCF) a portion of the tuition and fees. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point, has earned all aid for the semester for which the aid was awarded.

If a student unofficially withdraws (stops attending) or a student’s academic transcript reflects unsuccessful completion of all courses in a term, SCF will calculate aid based on the latter date from one of the following academic related activities: 50% completion date of the term or official documented last date of attendance/activity.

Withdrawing from a course(s) - Course withdrawal is defined as withdrawal from one or more classes for a term but not complete withdrawal from the college. Failure to completely process a drop form or drop a class online may result in the student being assigned a grade of “F”.

Financial Aid Impact:

Withdrawing from a one or more courses during the semester, without complete withdrawal from the college, may have an impact on both the amount of aid received for the semester and a student’s academic eligibility to continue receiving financial aid for future enrollment.

Withdrawal Grading -SCF encourages the student to discuss a withdrawal with the instructor, Financial Aid, and academic advisor before withdrawing from a course. If the student withdraws from the college, they are required to meet with Financial Aid and Academic Advising prior to submitting the completed Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar. A student enrolled in an accelerated and/or short-term course may withdraw without academic penalty at any time prior to the withdrawal deadline specific to the course.

Late withdrawal -A student may appeal for a late withdrawal by completing a Late Withdrawal Appeal Form, accompanied by an explanation why the deadline was missed and include any documentation that would aid in the appeal review should be directed to the Academic Dean on the student’s primary campus. The Academic Dean has final authority for this appeal. If the appeal is granted, the academic grade would be changed to a ‘W’ without GPA consequences. Students may obtain a Late Withdrawal Appeal Form from the Advising Center.

Effective Fall 1997, the state mandated a student will be permitted a maximum of three attempts per course. An “attempt” is defined as registration in a class after the end of the registration period. All withdrawal policy statements apply to part-time as well as full-time degree-credit and developmental students.

Faculty Withdrawal

Before the course withdrawal deadline (60 percent of the term) a faculty member may withdraw a student when the student has stopped attending class and has not formally withdrawn from the course by the withdrawal deadline. A faculty member can withdraw a student for excessive absences, excessive tardiness, academic misconduct, or another similar reason, as noted in the faculty member’s respective syllabi. A grade of W will be recorded. The grade is recorded on the student’s permanent academic record. Fees are applied for all courses accordingly and are counted as attempted courses. 

Faculty No Show Reports

Following the last day to add/drop courses for the term, faculty are required to report attendance for one class within the first week of the term and/or has not contacted the professor/instructor to make arrangements to attend class or to make up missed work/assignments (also termed as a “no show” student). Students not verified as attending will be listed as a no show for the class. Fees are applied for all courses accordingly.

Return of Federal Financial Aid Upon Withdrawal from the College

Effective with the Fall 2000 term, students who receive federal financial aid funds and who withdraw from all classes may be required to return all or a portion of these funds to the federal government. Students should consult with the Financial Aid Services office before completely withdrawing from the College.

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