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It is very important to read and follow this!!!!!
All International Students on the F-1 Student Status must file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each and every year by April 15th--even if the student is not working and owes nothing to our government. The process is fairly simple. The forms and instructions are listed below for your download. If the student is single and not married the "1040 NR-EZ" in most cases is the form to use. If the student is married then the "1040NR" is the form to use. If you have any questions, there are various links you may go to for assistance or instructions.  
With the new immigration laws, it is of great importance for all F-1 students to follow this regulation of filing with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) every year by April 15th. Tax season each year is from January 31st to April 15th. All papers must be filed by the April 15th deadline.

Note: In all cases, in sending IRS forms from Florida, send tax forms to this simple address:
Internal Revenue Service
Philadelphia, PA 19255, U.S,A.

IRS Web Site
IRS form 1040NR In most cases this form is used for married students.
IRS form 1040NR-EZ In most cases this is for single students.
IRS form 8843 This form is used for all students.

For IRS Instructions:
IRS Publication for the 1040NR
IRS Publication for the 1049NR-EZ                                           

For Income Tax assistance:
IRS Tax assistance (Foreign Student Filing Requirements)

CINTAX: International Tax Consulting

IS TAXES: International Student Taxes

The Tax Guy: Tax Guide for International Students


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