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Testing Accommodations

DRC accommodated exams are administered by the Assessment/Testing Centers:

Bradenton Building #1, Room 201                                                        Venice Campus, Building 100, Room 154

Assessment/Testing Center-provides a quiet, reduced distraction testing environment for students, Disposable ear plugs and sound blocking headphones are also available upon request. Students must bring a photo ID and a copy of their Faculty Notification Letter to each scheduled testing appointment.

DRC Office Testing- provides additional accommodated testing services such as test scribes, reader and assistive technology (CCTV, magnifiers, speech to text software, JAWS, Zoom Text, computers).  Approval for these accommodations must be listed on the Faculty Notification Letter.

On-line Exams-extended test time includes on-line exams/quizzes. The student must communicate directly with the on-line instructor to manage the extended test time in Canvas. The DRC staff can assist as a resource as needed.

Extended Test Time- extended test time is 1.5x (time and a half) unless otherwise indicated on the Faculty Notification Letter. The testing center staff will calculate the extended time.

Academic Honesty- students must sign the “Identification Form for the Assessment & Testing Center" before each exam. This form details prohibited items and expected conduct. Please note that all students must adhere to the SCF Standards of Student Behavior listed on the website and in the Student Handbook & Planner. Staff will document any violations of testing rules on the Irregularity Form.   One copy of this form will be kept in the DRC student file and another copy will be sent to the instructor along with the exam.

Scheduling Exams- it is the student’s responsibility to schedule the exam at least  5 BUSINESS days prior to the testing date. Please note that if the student fails to follow the procedure, the DRC and Assessment/Testing Center may not be able to accommodate the request. The student will be referred to the course instructor to make arrangements.  Students have the option of coordinating testing accommodation with the course instructor, working collaboratively independent of the DRC. Exams should be scheduled at the same time as your class, or as close to the class time as possible.  Evening course  exams need to schedule during open testing center hours.

Instructions for scheduling exams:

Quick Reference Guide Testing

Instructions for Test Referral Form- complete the student section, write the scheduled exam date and time, and deliver to instructor at least 3 days prior to the exam.  The instructor completes the Instructor Section, attaches the exam, and delivers the package to the Assessment/Testing Center.




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