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Accommodations and Services

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) has established a comprehensive plan for responding to all requests for the provision of accommodations (adaptive devices and/or auxiliary staff and services) to meet the individual and unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Examples include notetaking services, testing accommodations, assistive technology, American Sign Language interpreting, course substitution, and equipment loan (recorders, personal amplification systems, calculators, reading pens, etc.). Students must provide sufficient disability documentation and engage with DRC staff through an interactive process to determine eligibility. During Information Sessions, students review and electronically sign agreements and request accommodations, notifying each instructor of their eligibility. Students learn the importance of self-advocacy and working collaboratively with instructors. 

Accommodations can be reviewed and updated at any time, however additional accommodation requests typically require submission of updated or additional disability documentation.

Student Academic Accommodation Appeal Process

Students who wish to appeal the approved accommodations outlined in their Eligibility Letter should first discuss the decision with the DRC Coordinator. If the student chooses to further appeal the decision, the student must follow the appeal process below. 

  1. The student must provide the following information to the State College of Florida Dean of Students:
    • A signed and dated personal statement including date of denial by the DRC Coordinator, specific accommodation(s) denied, and rationale for the request based on disability.
    • Disability documentation submitted to the DRC.
    • Eligibility Letter issued by the DRC.
    • Other relevant information pertaining to your request. 
  2. The Dean of Students will submit the student appeal request to the Accommodation Appeal Committee. The committee is comprised of the following representatives:
    • Chair- State College of Florida Dean of Students (or designee).
    • State College of Florida Assistant Dean or Department Chair.
    • Consulting Psychologist.
  3. The Accommodation Appeal Committee will review the student’s packet within ten (10) working days of receipt of the appeal. If an investigation is warranted it will be conducted in a timely manner to obtain further information. A written determination will be mailed to the student within five (5) working days after the completion of the investigation, but no more than fifteen (15) workings days after receipt of the student appeal packet. A copy will be maintained in the DRC student record.
  4. The decision of the Accommodation Appeal Committee is final.



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