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DRC Students with Notetaking Accommodation

There are two steps to initiate notetaking accommodations. Students should first attend class, access resources provided by their instructor (notes, PowerPoints, etc) and determine if the accommodation is still needed. If so, eligible students must request the accommodation in the DRC Portal and either ask a classmate if they are willing to share their notes or provide instructor(s) with a copy of the Notetaker Request Form. Students must check SCF email regularly for information regarding your notes.

Notetaker Request Form

How to Download Notes

Volunteer Notetakers

Complete the Volunteer Notetaker Application to become a notetaker. Volunteers should have a copy of their course schedule (including CRNs) handy when completing the application. Volunteers must check SCF email often for assignment information. Contact the DRC with any questions.

Notetaker Application

How to Become a Notetaker

How to Upload Notes


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