Student Services

Equipment Loan

Equipment is available for check-out to registered DRC Students to provide access for classroom instruction, laboratories, on campus study and tutoring, and college programs/activities.

Equipment can be loaned for the duration of the semester, however, certain items must remain on campus and returned at the end of the day.

Available Equipment

  • Hearing Helper-Amplification Device
  • Calculators-TI 30 (basic 4 function), TI 83 Plus (graphing calculator), talking calculators, large key calculators
  • Magnification Equipment-portable video magnifier and handheld devices
  • LiveScibe Smart Pen
  • Reading Pens
  • Recording Devices (digital, micro cassettes, regular)
  • Headsets

Students must complete and sign the Equipment Check-Out Form at the DRC Office. Staff will provide instructions. Students are responsible for the safe keeping and return of all equipment.  Return date(s) will be strictly enforced. A hold will be placed on the student's SCF account until the equipment is returned.


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