Student Services

Equipment Loan

Students registered with the DRC can check out a variety of equipment to ensure access for classroom/lab instruction, studying, tutoring, and other college programs or activities.

Typically, equipment is loaned to the student for the duration of the semester. However, certain items are checked out for a limited duration or daily for use on campus.

Available Equipment

  • Hearing Amplification Devices
  • Calculators- Basic four-function, graphing, speaking, and large key calculators.
  • Magnification Equipment- Portable video magnifier and handheld devices.
  • Recording Equipment- Digital recorders, smart pens, microphones, and desktop applications.
  • Reading Pens
  • Headsets- Noise canceling, dictation headsets, and headphones.
  • Miscellaneous- Large print and ergonomic keyboards, trackball mice, spell checkers.

DRC students interested in checking out equipment should contact the Disability Resource Center. Staff is available to provide instructions for equipment use.

All checked out equipment should be returned by the due date indicated on the emailed receipt. Students are responsible for lost or broken items. If equipment is not returned by the due date or is missing pieces/broken, a hold will be placed on the students SCF account until the equipment is returned or replaced.


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