Student Services

DRC Computer Lab

Students registered with the DRC and volunteer notetakers have the opportunity to utilize the DRC Computer Labs for studying, homework, and printing. It is equipped with adaptive keyboards, adjustable desks, and additional assistive software/technology.

Students using the DRC Computer Lab should adhere to the rules below to provide an environment that is respectful to all students and conducive to learning.

  1. DRC computer use is limited to school-related activities.
  2. All students using the computer lab should sign in prior to entering.
  3. Printing is limited to ten pages per day. Keep in mind, this is a shared printer. Check documents before removing from printer. Students may:
    • Print on both sides of paper when applicable.
    • Print 4 or more slides per page for PowerPoint.
  4. Food is not permitted, however, drinks with lids are allowed.
  5. Friends and family are welcome to wait in the lobby or hallway. Children must always be supervised.
  6. Be respectful to others and maintain personal space. Students are expected to keep voices low while in the lab, use headphones when listening to videos/recordings, and leave your workspace in the condition you found it.
  7. Cell phones should be silenced, and students should step into the hallway for all phone calls.
  8. Students should log out of all websites, close browsers, and save files to their personal drives to protect their information. Files saved to lab computers are deleted nightly. 


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