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Request for Course Substitution

Per the provisions outlined in the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Procedure 4.015.01 a Substitution Panel will convene to carefully review student requests for course substitution. The Panel meets twice during the Fall and Spring Terms and once in the Summer. Contact the Disability Resource Center for specific dates. Panel decisions are sent by mail to the student by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Steps for student course substitution requests:

  1. Complete the Course Substitution PetitionThis letter must be typed by the student, printed, signed, and dated.
  2. Provide a copy of all disability documentation.  Refer to the Documentation Guidelines and Guidelines for Math Course Substitution for specific requirements.
  3. Provide a copy of the Unofficial SCF Transcript (print from MySCF).
  4. Deliver the petition packet to the Disability Resource Center: the petition must contain the signed personal statement form, disability documentation, and unofficial transcript.

Due Process:

Persons denied substitution/modification of one or more requirements may appeal the decision to the Vice President, Enrollment & Student Affairs within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written decision. Upon review of the petition packet, the Vice President, Student Services & Enrollment Management will communicate his/her decision in writing.  Results of the written appeal will be provided to the student within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written appeal. Decision with regard to the substitution/modifications of requirement shall be final.  


The student has the option to re-petition with updated documentation at any time.  In such cases, the student must provide an updated personal statement with signature and current date, copies of ALL documentation to include updated information, and a copy of his/her unofficial transcript.  Once received, the Panel will review the new submission at the next scheduled meeting and make a decision based on the new information provided.

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