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Academic Accommodation Appeal Process

Reasonable accommodations are determined by DRC staff during the initial intake appointment. This collaborative meeting with the student includes careful review and discussion of disability documentation, functional limitations, strengths, academic goals and academic history. Approved accommodations are discussed at length and an official Eligibility Letter is emailed to the student detailing specific classroom and testing accommodations. Eligibility Letters can also be accessed via the student portal on the DRC website.

Accommodations can be reviewed and updated at any time, however additional accommodation requests typically require submission of updated or additional disability documentation. Students must meet with the DRC Coordinator to discuss any changes to the Eligibility Letter. If the student is not in agreement with the DRC Coordinator decision, the request may be appealed using the following process:

  1. The student must provide a written statement to the DRC Coordinator containing the following information:
    • Date of meeting with DRC Coordinator in which request was denied
    • Specific accommodation(s) requested and denied
    • Personal statement regarding rationale for the accommodation based on disability
    • Permission for the Appeal Committee to review your documentation and student transcripts
    • Signature and Date
  2. The DRC Coordinator will submit your request to the Accommodation Appeal Committee comprised of the following representatives:
    • Chair-State College of Florida 504 Coordinator of Disability (or designee)
    • State College of Florida Academic Dean
    • Consulting Psychologist
  3. The Accommodation Appeal Committee will review the student’s written statement, DRC Eligibility Letter, disability documentation, and academic transcript. A written determination will be mailed to the student and a copy will be maintained in the DRC student record.
  4. The decision of the Academic Accommodation Appeal Committee is final.
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