Student Services

General Testing Information


All testers are required to present a government issued, non-expired photo ID (Driver License, passport) or SCF Student ID before testing.

Test Setting & Security

  • The Assessment/Testing Centers (ATC) provides a quiet area for students to take supervised tests.
  • Cell phones, beepers, pagers, calculators, dictionaries or notes are not allowed to be used during placement testing.
  • The ATC will keep all tests in a secure area prior to testing.  

Test Procedure

  • The ATC ensures that all test instructions and requirements provided with the test are followed.
  • Staff monitors testers during exams.
  • The ATC staff promptly returns all completed tests to the instructor or institution.

Test Assistance

  • The ATC staff is unable to make corrections or answer questions regarding any tests.
  • Students are referred to the instructor or test service provider for assistance.

Test Irregularity & Cheating Policy

  • Cheating is any unauthorized activity that impairs or alters the circumstances of the examination as a measure of the knowledge or skills it was designed to access.
  • The ATC staff will complete a testing irregularity form and submit the information to the ATC supervisor, instructor and test service provider for handling of the incident.    
  • Cell phone usage, beepers, talking and misconduct are not allowed and will be reported.

Lost or Stolen Items

  • The ATC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in lockers or in the reception area.
  • Personal items (i.e., backpacks, books, cell phones, jackets) should be stored in lockers or cars.
  • The ATC staff will not be responsible for personal items. 

Campus Safety and Security

  • SCF maintains security services 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.
  • First Aid is available at the Public Safety Office
  • Bradenton security is located in the Student Union, Room 120. Call 941-752-5550 for assistance
  • Venice security is located in the Student Union, Room 501. Call 941-408-1550 for assistance
  • Dial 7-911 for all EMERGENCIES, then call SCF security.
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