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Science Resources

Anatomy and Physiology Resources:

Chemistry Reference Sheets:

Periodic Table
Solubility Table
Table of Polyatomic Ions
Units and Conversions

Introductory Chemistry Resources:

Conversions Involving Moles, Grams, and Avogadro's Number
Dimensional Analysis Review
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Empirical and Molecular Formulas
Heat Energy
Lab Notebook Instructions
Lewis Dot Structures
Limiting Reactant and Theoretical Yield
Naming Compounds and Writing Their Formulas
Selected Key Equations
Significant Figures
Stoichiometry Review

General Chemistry I Resources:

Lewis Dot Structures
Molecular Geometry Chart
Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
Selected Key Equations

General Chemistry II Resources:

Chemical Equilibrium
Rate Law Summary Table
Selected Key Equations

Resources available in an alternate format upon request. Please contact Rene Massengale,

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