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Math Resources

Basic Math Rules

Basic Math Rules Often Forgotten
Geometric Formulas
Translations and Order of Operations
Word Problems in Ten Easy Steps

PERT Preparation

Self-guided PERT Prep Diagnostic Test
MAT0018 PERT Prep / MAT0018 Answer Key
MAT0028 PERT Prep / MAT0028 Answer Key
MAT1033 PERT Prep with Answers

Basic Algebra

Algebra Handout
Slope and Linear Equations

College Algebra

Domain of Functions
Graphing Functions
Transformations and Parent Functions
Exponential and Log Functions

Geometric Shapes, Lines, Angles

Geometric Formulas
3D Shape Formulas

Liberal Arts Math

Converting Bases
Number Theory and Sequences
Consumer Mathematics Formulas
Paths and Circuits
Voting Methods

Topics in Math

Set Theory
Logic Connectors and Truth Tables
Euler Diagrams
Lines and Angles
Geometric Formulas


Statistics Part 1
Statistics Part 2
Statistics Part 3
Statistics Part 4
Statistics Calculator Help

Advanced Maths

Trigonometry Cheat Sheet
Applied Calculus
Examples of Derivatives and Integrations
Calculus I Cheat Sheet
Calculus II Cheat Sheet
Calculus III Formulas
Differential Equations

Online Math Resources

Resources available in an alternate format upon request. Please contact Rene Massengale, Additional resources available in the Tutoring and Academic Success Center or virtually with the tutors. 


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