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Writing Resources

Written communication is an essential component of each college course in any discipline. Students must hone their ability to write clearly and expressively while striving to understand the purpose and goal of each writing assignment. The Writing Center at the Academic Resource Center can help you sharpen your writing skills, as well as deepen your understanding of the key writing and English concepts introduced to you by your professors. Writing is a skill that everyone can improve, and by working on these skills, you will earn better grades, get more out of your classes, and be less stressed out in general. Becoming a better writer will also improve your future job prospects, as excellent communication skills are highly prized in the workforce.

How can a writing tutor help?

At the ARC, we view writing as a PROCESS, NOT A PRODUCT. Our writing tutors can help you through each step of this process. The first step, sometimes called brainstorming or pre-writing, involves organizing your ideas to prepare you for writing your first draft. This phase is also a good time to review and clarify the assignment requirements as given by your professor. After you have completed your first draft, our tutors can review your draft and give feedback with these requirements in mind. We will also look for common grammar mistakes that you may repeatedly make, such as comma splices and sentence fragments, and give you the tools to correct and to learn from any mistakes. It is important to understand that WE ARE NOT PROOFREADERS, and it will still be up to you to polish your paper before turning in a final draft.

Online Resources

Basic Five Paragraph Essay Format:

The Five Paragraph Essay is the most basic format for academic writing, allowing even inexperienced writers to express their ideas in an organized and concise way.

Purdue OWL:

The Online Writing Lab from Purdue University contains style guides to help you with MLA, APA and Chicago Manual of Style formatting. Look for these guides on the bottom left of the homepage under “Suggested Resources.”

Online Grammar Check

This tool can help you check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your writing. 

Additional Resources

Below are electronic versions of some of the resources that are available in the Academic Resource Center.

College Level Verbs
Formula for Helping with 5 Paragraph Essay
Grammar Computer Resources
MLA Checklist
APA Checklist
Relationship Words

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