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Writing Resources

Why Get Writing Help:

Improve your writing assignments

  • Earn better grades
  • Get more out of your classes
  • Be less stressed out!

Become a better writer

  • Improve future job prospects
  • Impress your current boss
  • Satisfy your expressive needs

What the Writing Center Does:

Prewriting Help (before you begin):

  • Understand your instructor's assignment
  • Elicit and organize your ideas
  • Research suggestions
  • Citations


  • Read aloud and receive feedback
  • Questions to revise and clarify
  • Highlight systematic vocabulary and grammar errors
  • Suggestions to make the writing process more efficient
What the Writing Center Does NOT Do:
  • Write the paper for you
  • Tell you what to write
  • Proofread to eliminate all errors
  • "Fix" your writing problems

Online Resources

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