Consumer Disclosures and Gainful Employment Reporting

Colleges are required to publish annually, specific information on its website regarding the programs that may be eligible for Title IV funding and about the students that are in the programs. Due to ongoing litigation and legislative actions, some of the requirements previously enacted have been suspended. However, the disclosure requirements that remain include:
  • Providing information on the individual program webpage that tells students what occupations the program prepares the students to enter, both by name of program and by SOC codes. The number of students in the individual program is not a factor.        
  • Publish the length of time it takes to complete the program, normal time.

  • Information related to the on-time completion rates of students in the program, provided the program has at least 10 graduates.  This requires specific calculations that are set forth in the regulations.   
  • The costs of the program, including all mandatory fees, tuition, books and supplies. It also includes room and board if applicable to the institution.  The number of students in the individual program is not a factor.     
  • Placement rates for students upon completion of the program.  The number of students in the individual program is not a factor.                   
Certificate Programs

One-year certificate programs are available in various disciplines for students needing training in specific skills areas. These programs are designed so that the student may continue toward an associate's degree in the same field.    

Advanced Technical Certificate Programs                
Several Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) programs are offered. An ATC program is an extension of a specific Associate in Science (A.S.) and/or Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree and is limited to students who have completed the related A.S. and/or A.A.S. degree. The ATC programs, which vary in length depending upon the specific area, offer customized training that will upgrade and add to those skills learned in the A.S. and/or A.A.S. degree program.           
The College has approved the following programs for Title IV financial aid and therefore are subject to the Consumer Disclosure and Gainful Employment Reporting:   

Accounting Applications
Alternative Energy

Engineering Technology
Business Management
Computer Programmer
Child Development Early Intervention

Engineering Technology Support Specialist
Information Technology Analysis
Interactive Media Production
Marketing Operations
Legal Assistant/Paralegal

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