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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the representative body of teaching faculty on matters pertaining to the educational interests of SCF and the consultative body to the President on the matters that may affect the college's educational mission and goals.

The purpose of the Faculty Senate: "It is essential that an organization representing the faculty be established to assure that the knowledge, skills, and intellectual development of the students and the faculty continue to be the College's highest priority, to maintain professional scholarship and academic excellence, to guarantee that State College of Florida (hereafter referred to as "SCF") is and continues to be an outstanding educational institution, to facilitate communications among faculty members and between the faculty and the administration, and to enable the faculty to participate effectively in the operation and administration of the college. A SCF Faculty Senate (hereafter referred to as the "Senate") is hereby established. The overall purpose of the Senate will be to act as the collective voice of the faculty in its participation in the operations of the college." The Constitution of the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Faculty Senate.

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