Faculty Staff

CPC Members

Career Employee & Professional Support Personnel Council Members for 2017-2018 are listed below. Please feel free to contact your representative if you have any questions, ideas or concerns. Or send email directly to CPC.

 Chair: Angela Rinehart, ext. 65699, rinehaa@scf.edu

Chair-Elect: Vacant         

Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant

Brenda Boynton - Career 65390 boyntob@scf.edu
Jennifer Elliot - Career 67212 elliotj@scf.edu
Jahcqui Guardiola - Professional 65273 guardij@scf.edu
Amy Newsome - Career 67256 newsoma@scf.edu
Stacey O'Donovan - Career 65419 odonovs@scf.edu
April Sheely - Career 65202 sheelya@scf.edu
Terry Byrne - Career 65651 byrnet@scf.edu
Dustin Vigneault - Career 65692 vignead@scf.edu
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