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Faculty Collaboration: Inspired and Inspiring

Faculty Mentor Program & Handbook

The mentoring program was developed with flexibility in mind. Recognizing that new full-time faculty members can benefit from a mentor, the program is designed to offer a series of activities to foster familiarity with the college’s policies, procedures, and practices. The Faculty Mentoring Handbook is a living document.

Teaching Squares: SCF Go Live

This fall, Teaching Squares will focus on SCF Live courses. This is a 4-week program that in which faculty are grouped with 3 other colleagues to reflect on each’s SCF Live course. Faculty who participate should be currently teaching a SCF Live course. Faculty will be encouraged to “see” each other’s courses from a learner’s perspective and offer feedback. The program will also serve as a platform to share “lessons learned” and best practices.

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Experiential Learning

All SCF Students enrolled in an A.S. program should have completed at least one Experiential Learning (EL) experience by graduation. Explore the different levels and modes of EL and peruse the different forms for reporting EL as part of course work or a program. Look for webinars, podcasts, and brown bag sessions that the CTLE will host in upcoming weeks.

Director of Experiential Learning: Matt Connell

Dean, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development: Terri Clark

Overview of Experiential Learning at SCF

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • Grow the number of internship sites available to SCF students
  • Explore how to create opportunities for ELI activities to occur as components of SCF courses and academic plans
  • Create methods to track and document ELI activities that occur
  • Initiate development of study abroad opportunities for SCF students

Levels of Experiential Learning

Matsuo, M. (2015). A framework for facilitating experiential learning. Human Resource Development Review 14(4), 442-461. Sage Journals. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1534484315598087


Internship forms can be found at the internship section of SCF.edu.

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