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Fair Pay and Compensation Factors

This course addresses tangible and intangible compensation to motivate and reward employee performance. The course also covers job analysis, job description, and job evaluation, as well as designing an equitable pay structure. The course will help your organization stay competitive in the marketplace as the demand for skilled workers continues to rise.

Succession Planning in the Workplace

This course addresses succession planning--the planning process of identifying, assessing, and developing leadership and talent for future vacancies. The course will provide a general overview of how to assess your key leadership and talent needs. You will also discover how your understanding of succession planning will help your organization succeed even when key people leave their present positions.

Create an Inclusive Environment: Increase Cultural Competence

This course addressed how a lack of awareness about cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings in the workplace that affect both morale and productivity. This course offers an introduction to the basic ideas and skills involved in developing personal cultural competency.

Improve Performance through Emotional Intelligence

This course addressed how Emotional intelligence (EI) increases your capacity to make sound decisions, build mutually supportive relationships, and to handle stress effectively. This course will outline the EI competencies to your context and learn practical ways to enhance self-awareness, self -regard, self-regulation, assertiveness, stress tolerance and impulse control.

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