Corporate and Community Development


As a CCD instructor, you represent the entire college to the community. It is important to portray a professional image at all times and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

  • Arrival: Please allow enough time before class to check in students and present materials so that class may start on time; 15 minutes is recommended.

  • Attendance: If you are ill or encounter an emergency and will be unable to teach a class, please immediately call any CCD Director to alert them. If you are unable to reach a Director or Assistant Director, please speak directly with a Staff Assistant. Do NOT leave a voice mail message.

  • Classroom Assignment: To confirm your assigned classroom contact Lakewood Ranch: 941-363-7203. The LCD screen in the lobby displays LWR Classroom/Times. 
  • Course Description: The course instruction should match the description in the catalog or the contract.
  • Dress: Business clothing is appropriate for the majority of our classes.
  • Parking: Please be sure to park in an appropriate spot without blocking any lanes or parking in a fire lane.
  • Cross-Sell: Mention related classes from the catalog that are being offered in the near future (example: in an Excel I class, suggest the Excel II class; in the Business Plan class, suggest the Basic Bookkeeping class). At the least, call their attention to the CCD This is YOUR chance to help sell some of your future SCF classes!
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