Corporate and Community Development

Classroom Management

Please follow these guidelines when you are teaching a CCD class.


  • Introduce yourself and write your name on the board.
  • Allow students to introduce themselves and explain why they are attending and/or what they hope to gain.
  • Identify where the bathrooms and vending machines are located.
  • Announce location of CCD offices for the campus on which you are teaching.
  • Be respectful of their time so please keep to the class schedule.
  • If you need ideas for icebreakers, contact your director who has access to a wide array of resources.
  • Please take attendance.  If someone is present who is not on the roster, write in their name, phone number and email address.
  • At the end of class, distribute evaluation forms and leave the classroom for 3 minutes while students complete them.  Ask students to stack forms on one desk.


As a CCD instructor, you represent the entire college to the community.  It is important to portray a professional image at all times and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

  • Arrival: Please allow enough time before class to check in students and present materials so that class may start on time; 15 minutes is recommended.  If classroom is locked, please go to the CCD office or call Security.
  • Attendance: If you are ill or encounter an emergency and will be unable to teach class, please immediately call any CCD Director to alert them.  If you are unable to reach a Director or Assistant Director, please speak directly with a Staff Assistant.  Do NOT leave a voice mail message.
  • Contact Information:
    • Lakewood Ranch:  941-363-7203
  • Course Description: The course instruction should match the description in the catalog or contract.
  • Dress: Business clothing is appropriate for the majority of our classes.
  • Parking: Please be sure to park in an appropriate spot without blocking any lanes (including fire lanes).
  • Cross-Sell: Mention related classes from the catalog that are being offered in the near future (example:: in an Excel 1 class, suggest the Excel 2 class).  At the least, call their attention to the CCD schedule (  This YOUR chance to help sell some of your future SCF classes!
  • Contracts: It is recommended that you make a copy of each contract so you can reference the class title/class ID if any questions should arise.
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