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English for College and Communication

This is an intensive program for beginner and high-beginner English language learners that helps them reach the level of English needed to be accepted as a student at State College of Florida (SCF). The program is especially designed for those who plan to eventually attend college at SCF. However, you may also participate in the program if you simply want to improve your English comprehension and communication skills. This is a rigorous program and will require your best effort. This is an academic skills class with homework, tests, and required attendance.

Foreign Languages

French, Italian, or Spanish classes may be offered. To see the current schedule for all Language classes, please click the "Register Now!" button at the top of the page.

If no in-person classes are available, you may be interested in online classes through ed2go. For more information, please visit Then, use the search bar to find the language you are interested in learning.

Call 941-363-7150 for details.

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