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Absolute Beginner Computer

Excel - Level 1

Learn how to navigate the many features of Windows 10. Course content includes tools and options available for personal computing, how to create and manage files and folders, and the use of multiple applications within Windows. In addition, you will work with Internet Explorer, learn customization techniques and how to enhance system performance. If you’re a user with emerging skills and familiarity with computers and Windows environments and you want to take your skills to the next level and beyond, this class is for you!

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An introduction of Microsoft's latest spreadsheet program. Students will learn how to use the Microsoft user interface (ribbons and controls groups). This course will cover: Creating an Excel Workbook; Working with Data; Entering Simple Formulas; Editing Data and Cells; Formatting a Worksheet; Page Setup and Printing; Modifying Workbooks; and more.

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Excel - Level 2

 Excel - Level 3

Continue learning MS Excel. Topics covered include: Expanding your knowledge of formulas and functions, relative and absolute references, working with multiple worksheets, using 3D formulas and references; working with tables; the total row; sorting; filtering using auto filters; advanced filters; data validation and subtotaling; using financial and logical functions; understanding date functions and much more.

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Upon completion of Level 2, continue to learn topics such as creating, modifying and managing charts; creating pivot tables and pivot charts; custom formatting numbers; conditional formatting; working with ranges; the Vlookup function; working with macros; what if analysis; goal seek, solver, scenarios, data tables, and more.

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PowerPoint - Level 1

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook email.  Training includes setting up an email account, composing and sending an email, receiving email, email management, and much more.

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Learn how to create fabulous presentations. We will start with the basics and continue to insert and modify text, work with graphics, and learn the various ways to print and deliver your presentation.

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PowerPoint - Level 2

Project - Level 1

For those who are already using PowerPoint, this next level teaches you to customize a presentation with themes, backgrounds, and effects; animation techniques; working with data from other sources; and managing and delivering your presentation.

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Microsoft Project is a powerful project management tool that allows you to track the progress of your projects. It can help you to control your time, money and resources as well as schedule and track every task related to a project.

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Project - Level 2


Microsoft Project - Level 2 covers updating & tracking projects, working with data from other applications, working with reports, managing multiple projects, & formatting a project file.

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Microsoft® Publisher enables you to create professional-quality publications such as: newsletters, flyers, letterheads, brochures, etc.  Learn to edit & format text, and work with pages, text frames, paragraphs, images/objects, & tables.

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Quickbooks is currently offered online.  For information or to register, please visit:


Word - Level 1

Word - Level 2 

An introduction to the basic features of Microsoft's word processing program. Learn how to use the new Microsoft user interface (ribbons and control groups) along with the basic features of Word including: Creating, Saving, & Printing Documents; Entering and Editing Text; Formatting Text; Using Find and Replace; Spelling and Grammar Checking; Inserting Symbols; Setting Tabs; Using Bulleted and Numbered Lists; Working with Paragraphs; and more.  REQUIREMENTS:  Basic Windows computer skills with experience with file saving, and using a keyboard and mouse.

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Go beyond the basics of word processing and make professional-looking documents. Use Templates and Styles; work with Graphics in your document; learn Mail Merging techniques; create mailing & address labels; format long documents with end notes, footers, headers, tables of content and indexes; learn document collaboration techniques.  REQUIREMENTS: Completion of Word - Level 1 and/or working knowledge of MS Word.

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