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The Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development Team

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Dean, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development
Campus Administrator, SCF Lakewood Ranch
Vaughn Alexander Hendriex
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Vaughn Alexander oversees a broad array of programs including: Workforce Training, Lifelong Learning, and the Traffic Safety Institute. Vaughn Alexander is also the Campus Administrator for SCF Lakewood Ranch.
Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant to Dean, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development
Cameron Smith
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Cameron provides administrative support to Vaughn Alexander Hendriex, the department's Dean and SCF Lakewood Ranch Campus Adminstrator.
Assistant Dean, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development
Michele Groves
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Michele coordinates experiential learning, career fairs, and some of our Lifelong Learning programs. 
Staff Assistant, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development 
Tina Sadrianna
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Tina provides administrative support to Michele Groves, the department's Assistant Dean. 
Workforce Education Outreach Specialist 
Jennifer Boris
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Jennifer represents the college at expos/events and travels to organizations to promote Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Workforce Training programs. She also works with experiential learning. 
Director, Workforce Training
Lee Kotwicki
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Lee oversees Workforce Training programs which include: contract training, professional development classes, and some of our industry certification testing
Staff Assistant, Workforce Training
Yvonne Deery
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Yvonne provides administrative support to Lee Kotwicki, the Director of Workforce Training
Director, Coding Academy
Desh Bagley
SCF Bradenton
Desh oversees the Coding Academy programs which include some of the classes offered in the 26 West Center at SCF Bradenton.
Specialist, Coding Academy
Aretha Kutegeka
SCF Bradenton
Aretha provides administrative support for the Coding Academy
Director, Traffic Safety Institute
Vicki Gillerin
Downtown Sarasota
Vicki coordinates and oversees the Traffic Safety Institute (TSI) which includes the DUI and Driver Improvement programs. The main TSI office is located at SCF Bradenton in building 18.
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