SCF Procedures

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2.01.01 Absence from Teaching Assignment
2.03.01 Absences - Administrators and Other Professionals
2.02.01 Absences - Career Employee
2.45.01 Absences - Personal Reasons
4.01.02 Academic Progress
2.60.05 Acceptable Use
2.21.02 Administrative/Professional Support Employee Performance Evaluation
4.01.01 Admission Standards
1.09.01 Advertising (Off Campus)
1.11.01 Agents, Solicitors, Salesman Registration & Presentations
5.21.02 Animals on College Property
2.06.01 Appointment of Personnel
2.07.01 Attendance Records of Career Employees
5.01.01 Auxiliary Enterprises
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2.57.01 Background Checks and Fingerprinting for Employment
5.03.01 Bonds for Employees
5.01.02 Bookstore Ordering
6.13.02 Building Code Administration
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2.21.03 Career Employee Performance
2.06.02 Career Employees - Probationary Period
2.09.01 Certification    Deleted
4.016.01 CLAST Retake Procedure Deleted
2.60.03 Clean Desk/Clear Screen
2.55.01 Code of Ethical Behavior
1.19.01 College Catalog
2.12.01 Committee Assignments
2.055.01 Communicable and/or Life Threatening Diseases
2.56.01 Compensation and Salary Schedules
2.60.01 Computer Hardware, Software, Security, Access and Electronic Communications  Deleted
2.60.04 Confidentiality
5.18.13 Conflict of Interest
1.14.01 Conflict Resolution - Applicants for Employment
6.17.01 Construction Contractor Pre-qualification
6.14.01 Construction Project Change Orders
6.13.01 Construction Project Standards
2.13.01 Consultants' Services and Honorariums - Payment
2.14.01 Continuing Contract
6.01.04 Contract Management - Facilities
3.04.01 Curriculum Modifications   Deleted
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3.07.01 Definition of Credit Hour
1.191.01 Deletion of Courses from Catalogs and Common Course Designation and Numbering System
5.09.01 Deposit, Receipt, Withdrawal and Transfer of Public Funds
1.42.01 Disabled Employees and Applicants - Accommodation
4.10.01 Disciplinary Proceedings for Violation of Standards of Student Behavior
2.30.04 Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave for Employees
1.32.01 Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Program
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2.60.02 Email Usage
2.10.01 Emergency College Closure Pay
1.16.01 Emergency Procedures
1.15.01 Emergency Shelters
2.19.01 Employee Assistance Program
1.14.03 Employee Conflict Resolution
1.14.02 Equity Officer Notification
4.025.01 Exceptions to the Assessment of the Fall Costs of Instructions for Repeating College Credit Courses
2.22.01 Extra Curricular Responsibilities
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6.01.11 Facilities Management Reporting Requirements
4.08.02 FERPA Third Party Release for Student Athletes
6.15.01 Fire Alarm System
4.04.01 Florida Placement Test (FPT) Retakes
2.55.02 Fraud - Communicating and Reporting Known or Suspected Incidents
5.10.01 Funds Derived from Auxiliary Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts
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6.01.12 Golf Cart Safety Program
4.01.03 Graduation Requirements
6.01.06 Grounds Maintenance Program
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2.44.01 Harassment and Discrimination and Related Misconduct (Including Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Complicity and Retaliation)
2.26.01 Holidays
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1.07.02 Identity Theft Prevention
6.01.05 Indoor Air Quality Management
1.05.02 In-Network Copyright Policy
6.01.07 Inspections of Facilities
5.13.01 Insurance on College Property & Operations
5.182.01 Intellectual Property
3.05.01 International Education Programs Abroad
4.10.02 Involuntary Student Leave for Reasons of Community Safety
2.60.06 IT Laptop and Mobile Devices
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2.28.01 Job Descriptions
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6.01.02 Key Control
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2.30.05 Leave of Absence

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6.01.08 Maintenance Service Request System
1.07.03 Memorial Standards
2.30.03 Military Leave of Absence
6.01.09 Motor Pool
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2.60.07 Passwords
2.35.01 Payroll
5.20.01 Personal Property Accountability
2.36.01 Personnel Records for All Employees
5.16.01 Petty Cash and Change Funds
6.01.01 Physical Plant Operations, Maintenance & Sanitation DELETED
6.01.03 Preventive Maintenance Program
1.19.03 Production of College Publications and Marketing/Promotional Materials
6.18.01 Professional Service Contracts with Architects, Engineers and Surveyors
1.47.01 Public Records and Public Records Requests
5.18.03 Purchase Orders
5.18.14 Purchasing Card Program
5.18.07 Purchasing-Expedient & Emergency Purchases
5.18.01 Purchasing Procedure-General Information
5.18.05 Purchasing Procedure-Printing from Outside Vendors
5.18.02 Purchasing Procedure-Requisitions
5.18.06 Purchasing Procedure-Trial Basis Products, Trade in Equipment, Return of Goods and Document Purchases
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4.015.01 Reasonable Substitutions/Modifications for Individuals with Disabilities
5.12.01 Refund of Fees/Fee Waiver
4.08.01 Request for Access to Student Records
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2.30.02 Sabbatical Leave Policy
2.42.01 Salaries
2.43.01 Scholarships for College Employees and Dependents
5.21.01 Security on Campus
1.19.02 Social Media Guidelines for College Communications
2.60.08 Software Development
6.01.13  Solid Waste & Recycling
1.26.01 Space Reservations Guidelines for Use of College Facilities or Equipment
1.07.01 Special Course/Lab Fee Instruction
1.08.01 Specialized Accreditation and Licensing
4.06.01 Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress
5.17.01 Student Activity Budget Review (SABR) Committee
5.17.02 Student Activity Budget Review (SABR) Committee - Baccalaureate Degree ProgramsDeleted
5.11.01 Student Debts
4.07.01 Student Military Activations
4.15.01 Student Publications
4.14.01 Student Request for Conflict Resolution as Related to Academic Matters
4.14.02 Student Request for Conflict Resolution as Related to Administrative Policies
4.14.03 Student Request for Conflict Resolution as Related to Dual Enrollment
1.45 Substantive Change Policy
6.01.10 Sustainability, Conservation and Energy Management Program
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2.33.02 Telecommuting
2.47.01 Temporary and Substitute Personnel
2.47.02 Temporary Personnel Services
1.28.01 Theft of Personal Property
1.25.02 Tobacco Free Campus
2.60.09 Training and Awareness
1.29.01 Travel Authorization and Funding
1.31.01 Trespass
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2.52.01 Use of Volunteer Services
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1.26.02 Vendor Events on College Property
1.48.01 Vulnerable Persons Act - Reporting Requirements
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2.33.01 Work Week/Work Day
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