Media Contact

SCF understands the importance of the media in communicating the activities occurring at the College as well as the many ways that SCF supports the development of our students and the community. The public information coordinator in Communications and Marketing serves as the first point of contact for media inquiries and is responsible for initiating contacts with and responding quickly to members of the media.

SCF news releases and promotional materials for all media are written, edited, produced and distributed by Communications and Marketing. Reporters may contact Communications and Marketing to seek information, timely updates on College facts and events, and to request interviews with College faculty, staff or students.

Information is provided through news releases, email or phone contacts, faxes, published College materials, the SCF website, press kits and conferences. Please view our News page for our most recent news releases. The media is invited to contact Communications and Marketing with questions or requests:

SCF faculty and staff: For information on how we can help promote your SCF event or project through communication with the media, go to the Services to SCF page.



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