Institutional Research Reports

The web-based graduating student survey is administered to all students applying for graduation. The purpose of conducting the graduating student survey is to obtain students’ evaluation of the institutional effectiveness of the College. This year, 584 students of the 2021-2022 graduating class completed the survey.

The analysis in table format is divided into three parts:

Part I -- Demographics

Table 1 shows an abridged summary by number and percent of responses to the demographic questions. For questions having more than two choices, only the combined response categories are displayed. Demographic categories include the following: gender, race, citizenship, residency and age. About 77 percent of this year's graduating students were female. About 16 percent were of a minority ethnic background. Approx 38 percent of the graduating students were 25 or older, 31 percent were 21 to 24 and 31 percent were 20 or younger.

For sections II and III., numbers of students who chose the answer of “Not Applicable” have been displayed for your references, yet these numbers are not included for the calculation of response percentages.

Part II -- Evaluation of Institutional Goals

This section deals with issues related to institutional goals, including the availability of services. Table 2 presents an abbreviated statement of each item being evaluated. For the purpose of this analysis, the ‘strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ category answers were grouped into one field called ‘agree.’ The same procedure was applied to the ‘strongly disagree’ and ‘disagree’ categories.

Part III -- Evaluation of Services

The third section deals with students' satisfaction level with institutional services. Again, for purpose of analysis, the two levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction were grouped into one level for each category. Table 3 then shows the number and percent satisfied, dissatisfied and those who did not use the service or did not make comments.


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