Human Resources Staff

Human Resource offices are located at SCF Bradenton, contact (941)752-5375. Human Resources staff maintain regular office hours at SCF Venice. 

Vacant, Staff Assistant III - Employment:  Provides administrative support to employment functions.

Vacant, Staff Assistant III - HRIS:  Provides administrative support to HRIS functions. Contact for questions regarding employment verification, leave balances, employee records and new hire process. 

Cathryn Andress, Specialist II, Human Resources - Benefits:  Provides administrative support to Benefits Coordinator, employee wellness, benefits, retirement and workers compensation.

Mary DiTaranto, Adjunct Coordinator:  Responsible for the oversight and coordination of the credit and non-credit adjunct hiring process (following selection of adjunct). Coordinates the Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) payroll for Academics.

Laura Levis, Executive Assistant II:  Provides administrative support to the Director of Human Resources.

Delane Solana, HRIS Manager:  Oversees HRIS functions:  All payroll authorizations, contracts, questions regarding current pay, personnel data, employment records, and new hire processing.

Kenisha Roney, Talent Acquisition Coordinator:  Responsible for the oversight, coordination and implementation of all recruitment, and employee relations for the College. Serves as the ADA Coordinator (applicants and employees).

Jamie Myers, Senior Manager, HR Operations:  Oversees the Benefits and HRIS system functions, as well as management of the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources department. 

Lydia Kloiber, Acting Director, Human Resources and Compliance:  Oversees administration of College wide Human Resources function. Serves as the Equity Officer and Section 504 Coordinator, as well as the Title IX Deputy Coordinator (employees).  

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