Disability Insurance

Employees may choose short-term and long-term disability income coverage. Premiums vary depending upon the employee's salary and are payroll deducted. The following are the disability options offered by SCF:

Short Term Disability (STD): 
If the employee meets the definition of disability, they would be entitled to 60% of their pay to a maximum of $800 per week. There is a seven day elimination period which means that they employee must be absent seven consecutive work days. Employees can receive STD for up to 12 weeks.
Plan Highlights

Monthly Rates per $10 of Weekly Benefit
Age Rate Age Rate
<25 $0.36 50-54 $0.34
25-29 $0.36 55-59 $0.41
30-34 $0.33 60-64 $0.49
35-39 $0.31 65-69 $0.57
40-44 $0.30 70-74 $0.62
45-49 $0.31 75+ $0.67

Your premiums are calculated by:
Weekly Salary X 60% = Your Weekly Benefit
Your Weekly Benefit ÷10 = Results X *Your Rate = Your Monthly Cost
Your Monthly Cost X 12 = Annual Cost ÷ Number of Paychecks per Year = Cost per Paycheck

Long Term Disability (LTD):
All benefit eligible employees receive a college paid LTD 50% policy. This means that if the employee were to be out on LTD, they would receive 50% of their pay. Employees have the opportunity to "buy-up" to a 60% policy.
Plan Highlights

Your premiums are calculated by:
$0.18 per $100 of Covered Salary
Annual Salary ÷ 100 = Result X $0.18 = Annual Cost  ÷ Number of Paychecks per Year = Cost per Paycheck*
*Final cost may vary slightly due to rounding.
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