Dental Insurance

The College currently has two dental insurance plans provided by Delta Dental . 

  1. PPO Plan (Delta Dental Premier): PPO plan provides the greatest flexibility as you may choose to visit a dentist in network or out of network.
  2. DHMO Plan (DeltaCare USA): This plan has no claim forms, no yearly deductible, and no yearly maximums. This plan covers orthodontia coverage for both adults and children.
Plan rates for dental plans (per month)
  Delta Dental PPO DeltaCare USA (DHMO)
Employee Only $25.97 $11.71
Employee + Spouse/Partner $54.56 $20.50
Employee + Child(ren) $55.09 $24.61
Family $91.34 $34.56

Need to find a dentist? Click to view the online directory
If you are in the PPO plan, you will search by Delta Dental Premier and select Florida for your state. If you are in the DHMO, you will search by DeltaCare USA and select Florida for your state.    

Want to see all the resources available on Delta Dental's website? Click here for a brochure detailing everything that can be done on the website.             

Customer Service Information:
Delta Dental (PPO Plan): Group number 16020, Customer Service number: 1-800-521-2651
DeltaCare USA (DHMO Plan): Group number 76722, Customer Service number: 1-800-422-4234

Do you have a smart phone? Did you know that Delta Dental has an app? Download it for free! Just search "Delta Dental" in your app store. You can get plan details, check claims status', find a doctor, and much more! 

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