American Express Card Purchases

The Purchasing Department maintains an American Express Corporate account for the purpose of assisting employees and student groups with flight arrangments. On occassion, it may also be used for purchases that cannot be secured through the normal purchase order process. The existence of the account is not to be construed as a waiver of purchasing policies and procedures.

Before requesting use of the card for purchases, other than flight arrangements, it is your responsibilty to make sure that no other form of payment (e.g. purchase order, general encumbrance, etc.) is possible. Please ensure, also, that what you would like to purchase is not available through an alternate supplier.

Please adhere to the following guidelines before requsting use of the Corporate card:

Durable Goods - Stock items should be purchased through the normal purchasing procedure. The Purchasing department will assist you in finding a suitable supplier for the item you need. Once located, the supplier will be established in the College database and purchases will be made through purchase requisitions/orders.

Conferences and Seminars - Every attempt must be made to register for conferences and seminars well in advance of attendance to avoid last minute use of the card. If your conference or seminar has on-line registration procedures, it is your responsibility to determine if the conference will accept post registration payment by check before requesting use of the card.

Travel - Air reservations will be billed to the American Express Corporate account. Hotels and rental cars must be obtained using either your own AMEX account or personal credit card. Please refer to the TRAVEL page for additional information.


A purchase requisition must be presented to the Purchasing department before anything will be charged to the card. Do not ask for a purchase to be made with a promise to provide the requisition afterward. Such requests will be denied.

Once you have prepared your requisition, in Banner, please forward a hard copy to Purchasing along with any documentation you have that helps explain the nature of the request (e.g. your flight itinerary, a vendor quote, etc.).


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