Educator Preparation Institute in Teacher Certification [4005]

(24 Term Hours)

The Educator Preparation Institute provides a quality teacher training option for baccalaureate degree holders. At the completion of these modules, the student will have successfully demonstrated the Florida Education Accomplished Practices and have provided documentation of mastery in a comprehensive professional portfolio.

Completers of the program may then apply to Florida Department of Education for a professional teaching certificate.

This limited access program requires potential candidates to:

1. Possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university;
2. Acquire an eligible Statement of Status of Eligibility for certification from the FLDOE;
3. Passing scores on FLDOE required exams GKT - General Knowledge Test and SAE - Subject Area Exam;
4. Be of good moral character; and
5. Possess the disposition suitable for becoming a teacher.
6. Submit to fingerprinting for a background check. 

Course   Description Term Hours
EDG 4410 Classroom Management 3
EDG 3620 Curriculum & Instruction 3
EDF  3214 Child/Adol Dev & Lrng 3
RED 3309 Teaching Early & Emergent Literacy 3
RED 4318 Teaching Reading in Intermediate Grades 3
EDF 3430 Measurement, Evaluation & Assessment in Ed 3
EEX 3242 Diff Instr of Exceptional & Diverse Learners 3
EDF 3940 Clinical Field Experience 3
    Total 24
 *RED 4940 Reading Internship 2
 *Only for PreK, K-6, English, ESOL      26

NOTE: A grade of "B" or better must be attained for each course taken for this certificate. To be eligible for a professional teaching certificate, each candidate must pass three Florida Teacher Certification Exams: General Knowledge, Professional Educator Test, and Subject Area Exam in the area of certification sought.

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