Re-admission Policy

Program Duration/Readmission Policy

The Radiography Program is designed to be completed in two years beginning in May of each year. In order to progress through the program, students must complete all Radiography courses with a grade of "C" or above, or a “P” in clinical and laboratory courses. Students receiving a grade of "D" or lower in any Radiography course or a “NP” in any clinical or laboratory course will be dismissed from the program.

If a student leaves the program because of unsatisfactory grades, the student has a one-time opportunity to re-enter the program, should space be available, and repeat unsatisfactorily completed courses the next time the courses are offered. Students who successfully complete repeated courses will be allowed to continue in the program from the point in the curriculum where they originally exited.

If a student should voluntarily withdraw from the program, and has satisfactorily completed all course requirements up to that point, the student has the option to reapply to the program for a period of 12 months after leaving the program. Should space be available, the student will be re-admitted into the program to complete the remaining required courses.

Students re-entering the program will be required to take assessment tests or perform simulated radiography exams to determine knowledge and retention of previously learned material.  The student must make an appointment with the Program Chair and clinical coordinator at least one semester prior to the anticipated entry date.  The student, Program Chair, and clinical coordinator will develop an Educational Plan to focus on the remediation of skills and knowledge.  This plan must be completed prior to the start of the semester the student is to re-enter the program.

Readmitted students who return to the program will be held to the policies and procedures of the college catalog and student handbook and curriculum that is in place for the semester in which they are returning.

Readmission options can only be used one time. Students who unsatisfactorily complete a repeated radiography course will be dismissed from the program with no further consideration for re-admission.

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