Paying for College for Online Students

SCF Online has many ways to assist you in paying for college.  In fact, there are absolutely no additional fees for any online course at SCF.   Every course costs the same, whether you are taking the course online or on one of our three main campuses in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, or Venice.

Paying Your Bill & Payment Plan:

Check into our payment options for all the many ways you can pay for college, including our pay-as-you-go Payment Plan to spread out the costs of college.  

Financial Aid

One of the first decisions most of us make in college is about how to pay the bills. Our professional Financial Aid staff can make it easy for you to apply and to understand all your options.  At SCF, we want to make sure you completely understand all of your financial aid opportunities. If you have any questions about understanding your financial aid options, contact our Financial Aid Office at  941-752-5037  or email: If you're a current student, contact the Financial Aid office with any questions you have about your specific award package.

Tuition and Fees Schedule:

SCF Online tuition is exactly the same as the tuition for any on-campus class. Even better, our tuition has not increased for over seven years as we hold the line on costs for your education. We charge no extra distance learning fee for any online class, nor do we require any extra fee for any identity verification for any online or blended class. 


Some online classes require proctoring for testing purposes. Notification is given about potential charges by others providing non-College exam proctoring services, although these charges are not for identity verification, but for proctoring services. There is no written procedure to that effect since we do not charge for identity verification.  

The State College of Florida abides by Florida Statutes 1009.23[1] as it relates to fees charged to students for college credit instruction.  Students participating in State College of Florida, Manatee Sarasota online learning courses do not incur differential fees for verification of student identity. The SCF Assessment & Testing Centers offer academic proctoring services to SCF students at no charge. Students who are not able to travel to one of our three locations may arrange for proctoring and identity verification from an approved alternative source, and may be subject to additional charges at that location.  Courses that require proctoring are listed in the class notes section of the course schedule.


Tuition and Fee Comparison:

At SCF you can lower your costs without lowering your standards. SCF's tuition and fees are about 50 percent less than the Florida state universities, not including the added cost of dorms and meal plans.

Scholarships and Waivers

SCF and SCF Online have many different kinds of assistance available to assist you.  Some are based on financial need and others on merit, but all are there to assist those who qualify with scholarship aid and/or tuition waivers.

Types of Scholarships

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