Access and Grievance Policies for Students

Complaint and Conflict Resolution

If you have a complaint or issue with your online course, we have specific procedures in place to achieve resolution. For academic complaints, you would first start with your instructor. If that is not satisfactory, your issue will follow SCF Procedure 4.14.01 Student Request for Conflict Resolution as Related to Academic Matters. Further, Students are advise after exhausting the campus-based conflict resolution process, you may escalate your grievance to the Florida Department of Education. For more information, please visit the College Complaint Procedure Information page at This procedure ensures you will have a complaint mechanism, and that there will be no retaliation for pursuing resolution of the complaint. 

Distance education students who attend SCF from states other than Florida, and who have exhausted their options under Procedure 4.14.01, and with the Florida College System may appeal non-instructional complaints to the FL-SARA PRDEC Council.  For additional information on the complaint process, please visit the FL-SARA Complaint Process page at  (Note: non-instructional complaints do not include issues regarding grading.) 

Vendor Policies

SCF Online is committed to ensuring your complete access to all of the software vendors that we use at SCF Online. Each online course may use a variety of software provided by vendors who share our commitment to online education and accessibility. 

Below are individual software vendors used at SCF Online and their own accommodations policies and information. Please review those policies that apply to your individual class. 

If you have any questions or concerns about any particular policy, or are asked to use any software that is not on the list, please contact us at



Adobe Access Policy




Camtasia Studio Access Policy 



Canvas Access Policy 


Cengage Learning Access Policy


McGraw Hill Access Policy

 Smaller Pearson Logo    Pearson Access Policy


 respondusRespondus Access Policy

SmarThinking Access Policy



 SoftChalk Access Policy

StudyMate Logo   StudyMate Access Policy


TurnItIn Access Policy



Wiley Access Policy



YouTube Access Policy



EvaluationKit Logo

EvaluationKit Access Policy

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