OTA Readmission Requirements

Readmission Policy

Students may be readmitted to the OTA Program ONLY ONE time. An application for readmission must be completed and submitted to the program director one full semester prior to the anticipated entry date. Readmission is on a space available basis and is not guaranteed.

A student may reenter the OTA program within two years of withdrawal to be considered for advanced placement in the program. OTA courses taken two or more years prior to readmission will have to be repeated. In cases of significant curriculum revision, courses taken less than two years prior to readmission may have to be repeated. Students who are readmitted may be retested in the basic skills up to the withdrawal point in the program to assure competency in didactic information and practical skills.

Students are advised that courses in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program are offered only once a year.  Therefore students must wait one year to re-attempt a course.

Applicants for readmission will be accepted on a space available basis and must meet the following admission criteria:

Health Certification:

  1. Must be completely redone if the student is out of the Program two or more long semesters (Fall and Spring). If 2 semesters or less, the student's health form must be complete prior to acceptance for re-admission.
  2. A tuberculosis skin test must be done annually.  Chest films are good for five years.  Anyone with documented prior positive TB skin test (TST) will need to complete a Symptoms Assessment Form yearly.

CPR Certification:

  1. Certification is good for two calendar years. The student must maintain a current CPR certification while enrolled in the OTA Program.
  2. If the current certification expires prior to the anticipated graduation date, the student will be required to complete another CPR course while in the program.
  3. Failure to maintain a current CPR certification will result in immediate withdrawal from all fieldwork courses, and dismissal from the program.

Drug Screening:

  1. Must be redone prior to the start of classes of the semester to be readmitted and downloaded into Castle Branch.  The student will be provided with a timeframe to complete the drug screening.
  2. The student is responsible for the cost of the drug screen.  Students may also need to repeat the drug screen if required by the assigned fieldwork placement.

Criminal Background Checks:

  1. Background check must be completely redone if the student is out of the Program for two long semesters (Fall and Spring).
  2. Students will be responsible for the cost of the background check and drug screen which must be completed prior to the first day of class.  Specific dates for completion of the background check will be provided to the student at time of acceptance for re-admission to the program.

Readmitted students who return to the program will be held to the policies, procedures of the current college catalog and student handbook as well as the current curriculum that is in place for the semester in which they are returning.

Readmission after the first semester in the program:

Any student who previously was accepted and initiated taking courses in the OTA Program, but withdrew or did not successfully complete the courses in the first semester of the program, will not be eligible for advanced placement. This student will need to apply to the program during the January 1 - March 1 application window and will be considered for admission with the pool of "new" applicants for the fall semester. 
Readmission with unsatisfactory grades:

Any student who leaves the program because of unsatisfactory grades, has the options to apply to reenter the program and repeat the unsatisfactorily completed course(s). Students who wish to exercise this option, MUST COMPLETE the readmission application and MUST make an appointment with the program director PRIOR  to the start of the semester before the anticipated re-entry date. The student and program director will develop an Educational Plan to focus on remediation of skills. This plan must be completed with specific criteria to demonstrate satisfactory remediation prior to the start of the semester the student is to take courses. The Educational Plan may include demonstration of skills, assignments, written exams and practical exams as well as expectations for professional behavior.  Failure to complete the Educational Plan based upon the established criteria for success will cause the student to forfeit the option of re-entering and continuing in the OTA Program.  Students who exercise this option are advised that courses in the Occupational Therapy Program are only offered once a year. Therefore, the student must wait one year to re-attempt courses. Students who successfully complete repeated courses will be allowed to continue in the program from the point in the curriculum where they originally exited. If a student fails to successfully complete a repeated course, they will be dismissed from the program and will no longer be eligible for re-admission.  The readmission options can only be used one time while enrolled in the program.
Licensure Advisement

If an applicant has been convicted, had any adjudication withheld, or has any criminal charges in the past other than a minor traffic violation, the applicant will need to get approval from the NBCOT and the Florida Department of Health - Board of Occupational Therapy Practice.  A felony conviction may affect a graduate's ability to sit for the NBCOT Certification examination or attain state licensure..


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