Felony Conviction Statement

A felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to take the NBCOT certification exam or attain licensure. If a student has been convicted, had any adjudication withheld or has any criminal charges in the past other than a minor traffic violation, the applicant will need to get approval from the NBCOT and the Florida Department of Health – Board of Occupational Therapy Practice to take the certification exam and attain licensure. For more information regarding “Early Determination and Character Review” contact NBCOT regarding “Early Determination and Character Review” at or call 301-990-7979.

The State of Florida periodically changes the laws in relation to persons with criminal backgrounds being licensed in the state. Each licensing board periodically makes changes in the rules regarding the licensing of individuals with criminal backgrounds thus affecting those who may or may not be licensed in the State of Florida in that particular discipline. Applicants with criminal backgrounds may be accepted into and graduate from the program, but because of changes in the law or rules, may not be allowed to be licensed in the State of Florida once they have graduated

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