RN-BSN Course of Study

Descriptions of all 1000 - 2000 level courses are available in the current SCF catalog under the "Course Description" link.

All prerequisite and general academic requirements must be completed with a letter grade of 'C' or better.

Prerequisites (needed prior to program application):
BSC 2085C - Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
BSC 2086C - Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
DEP 2004 - Human Development: Life Span
ENC 1101 - Written Communication I
ENC 1102 - Written Communication II
Civic Literacy - POS 1041 - American Government or AMH 1020 - U.S. History 1977-Present 
Humanities - Any Area IV, A.A.,
Mathematics - Any Area II, A.A.
MCB 2010C - Microbiology with lab
PSY 2012 - General Psychology
HUN 2201 - Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
STA 2023 - Elementary Statistics

Additional Academic Requirements (needed for graduation from, not admission to, the program):
SPC 1608 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Social Science - Any Area III
Humanities - Area IV, A.A., Category A
Foreign Language*

Upper Level (3000 - 4000) Nursing CORE course requirements:
NUR 3805 - Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
NUR 3066C - Health Assessment and Physical Appraisal
NUR 3125 – Pathophysiology
NUR 3145 – Pharmacology
NUR 3826 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care
NUR 3870 - Informatics in Health Care
NUR 4169 - Evidence Based Practice: Nursing Research
NUR 4636 - Community and Public Health: Population Based
NUR 4636L - Community and Public Health: Practicum
NUR 4827 - Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing
NUR 4925- Colloquiums/Symposiums/Workshops

Nursing elective, 2 courses - minimum of six semester hours:
Multiple options, see the SCF catalog for course options

 * Completion of the foreign language requirement is required for the awarding of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Validated Nursing Credits
Upon acceptance into the program, completion of 38 semester hours of upper-level nursing core courses and application for B.S.N. graduation, 30 semester hours can be awarded as core nursing credits validated by the student's unencumbered, unrestricted Florida RN license.

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for the B.S.N. degree.

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