How can I prepare for the TEAS?

  • We recommend that you use the certified study materials offered by ATI, the company that writes, edits and administers the TEAS. The company markets three items, a study manual, online practice assessments and the online prep course.
  • The study manual can be purchased at the SCF Bookstore or purchased through the company directly at   The study manual contains detailed information about the exam, as well as, a large number of practice questions. It is an excellent preparation resource for the TEAS.
  • The online practice assessments and the ATI TEAS SmartPrep can only be purchased directly through the company at
  • Whether practicing questions from the TEAS Study Manual or the online practice assessments, be sure to pace yourself at a rate similar to what the actual exam expects. Most mobile phones have a timer available. Use the timer to get an idea of how much time you have available for each question. See the section and time chart in the TEAS General Information section. Average time allowed per question ranges from one minute to one and a half minutes per question.
  • Concentrate first on learning the content material for each portion in the TEAS Study Manual. Then do the practice questions. The TEAS is about 'application of knowledge'.
  • You current college grade point does not determine your success on the TEAS. Nursing requires familiarity and application of knowledge you were introduced to in middle and high school. Review and mastery of this information and accompanying skills is needed before you take the TEAS and enter nursing school.
  • For additional TEAS information, please visit ATI's website:
  • NurseHub offers free TEAS 7 practice exams:
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