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Studio Art  Please note: this Program will be discontinued as of  Fall 2022 and no longer accepting Students.

Studio Art is any art medium requiring a specialized studio to create it. The studio is our lab, garage, library and testing facility. The inception of an idea or concept is cultivated within the studios and executed through any medium our students choose. The result can be a drawing, painting, steel or stone sculpture, pottery, digital illustration, 3D printed object or a mixed media piece.

> Studio Art A.S. Degree

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is at the heart of the creative process that combines art, text and technology to visually communicate ideas. Our curriculum combines design principles, access to the latest technology, as well as exposure to real world standards and practices. Focus is placed on preparing the student for immediate employment. Graduates of our A.S. program have landed jobs in design studios, corporate in-house design departments, and have started their own businesses.

> Graphic Design Techology A.S. Degree
> Graphic Design Support Certificate
> Graphic & Web Design Certificate

Graphic Design

The Humanities

The Humanities have been the foundation of higher education since the creation of the modern ‘university’ over 500 years ago. In the Humanities we study the various works and objects human beings create or invent – this includes everything from literature to government, from philosophy to technology, and from religion to art. In short, the Humanities are the study of anything we humans create to help us explain, understand, and come to terms with the huge enigma that is life.

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Digital Photography's degree program offers both a solid set of foundational skills and the opportunity for students to tailor and integrate the course of study to his or her strengths. Our program revolves around a traditional as well as an innovative technological approach for the application of learning photography. Graduates of our A.S. Digital Photography program are employed in corporate photography studios, advertising houses, portrait studios, sports and event photography as well as private businesses.

> Digital Photography A.S. Degree



The Film Program at SCF includes the two-year A.S. Film Production Technology Degree, as well as several classes that prepare students for advanced work in digital cinema and photography beyond their Liberal Arts A.A. Since the early 1990s, film studies at the college have showcased courses in production techniques as well as media history and critical studies.

> Digital Cinema A.S. Degree
> Live Event Media Production Certificate


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