Theatre Classes

State College of Florida has had an active, vibrant  theatre program since 1965. We produce five plays a year under the student acting company STUDIO 84 PRODUCTIONS, and offer students opportunities in both performance and technical areas of theatre.

Our auditions are open to all. We welcome students who are planning to make a career of theatre or who simply enjoy theatre as an avocation.

There are several perks and advantages for students who are active participants in our theatre program:

  • Tuition Scholarships are available.
  • Departmental Student Jobs are available.
  • Theatre Honors Trip:

Since 1980, our program has taken our active theatre students to either New York or London to experience the finest in professional theatre.

For more information, please contact

Craig Smith at

Discipline Prerequisites

Course Description
Semester Hours
THE 1925 Performance Production Workshop
THE 2000 Theatre Appreciation
THE 2300 Script Analysis
TPA 1290 Production Involvement I
TPA 2210 Introduction to Technical Theatre
TPP 1190 Studio Theatre Cast I
TPP 2110 Acting I
Electives Nine hours of any THE, TPA, or TPP
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