Patient's Rights & Responsibilities

A patient in the Dental Hygiene Clinic at SCF Bradenton can expect:

  1. To be treated as an individual
  2. To have his/her dental needs and medical needs considered at all times
  3. To be informed of each aspect of recommended treatment and treatment alternatives, expected outcomes and risks of various treatments including no treatment, options to refuse treatment and to give permission before treatment is carried out.
  4. To be informed of the number and length of each dental hygiene appointment and the fee for recommeded services.
  5. To be included as a partner in decision making and care planning.
  6. To have his/her medical and dental records maintained in the strictest of confidence.
  7. To receive current and quality dental hygiene care.
  8. To receive a complete and thorough evaluation of all dental needs and appropriate referrals for routine and specialty dental care.
  9. The dental hygiene students, faculty and staff to maintain the highest level of aseptic technique.
  10. To be educated in current oral hygiene care procedures.

A patient in the Dental Hygiene Clinic is responsible to, and will be expected to:

  1. Provide the dental health care provider with complete and accurate medical information including past and present medical illnesses, medications, hospitalizations and other conditions that may require alterations in dental hygiene care.
  2. Follow referrals and treatment plan as recommended by the dental faculty.
  3. Be cooperative and respectful toward students, faculty, staff and other patients throughout the dental care procedures.
  4. Respect the property of the College and others.
  5. Keep appointments as scheduled and notify the SCF Dental Hygiene Clinic 24 hours in advance if cancellation of the appointment is necessary.


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