As an educational institution, in exchange for the length of time for treatment, fees for services are less than other dental settings and will vary depending on the procedures planned and rendered. The patient should be prepared to pay the $40 minimum clinic fee at the first appointment. The Clinic will accept cash or money order. No refunds of any part of the fee can be made in the event the treatment is not completed because the patient does not return for all scheduled appointments.

Clinical fees for Dental Hygiene

Adult Patient

  • Clinical examination, patient education, teeth cleaning, topical Fluoride Treatment, and bite wing radiographs:  $25
  • Full mouth radiographs or panorex radiograph:  $15
  • Complex cleanings including quadrant scaling and medicaments:  $29-37
  • Sealants per quadrant  $10
  • Placement of controlled release local antibiotic or chlorhexidene:  $15/site

Child Patient

  • Clinical examination, patient education, teeth cleaning, bite wing radiographs, and topical fluoride treatment:  $25
  • Panorex radiograph:  $15
  • Sealants per quadrant:  $10
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