MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing (3) (A.S.)

This course in marketing offers to the business student an introduction to the basic problems and practices of marketing management and gives the student an understanding and a feel for the marketing manager's job. The class introduces the student to the dynamic social and political environment encountered by the marketing manager; the role of market research, pricing and cost analysis; covers characteristics and buying habits of customers; and suggests methods to develop marketing mixes to reach specific identified target markets. 

MKA 2021 Personal Selling (3) (A.S.)

This course focuses on the fundamentals underlying the modern idea of the role of personal selling in society. The requirements to prepare for a career in selling; an analysis of the selling process and its use through case study application; and attitudes and ethics of a salesperson. Sales management and operation are studied at the introductory level to round out the course.

MKA 2511 Principles of Advertising (3) (A.S.)

This course is a study of the basic techniques of advertising, the planning and development of advertising programs and the role of advertising in relation to marketing objectives in a business firm.

MKA 2512 Retailing (3) (A.S.)

This course is a study of marketing and management concepts that relate directly to retail organization. Included are analysis of buying, pricing, promotion and control of a retail firm. It also includes studying legal restraints and consumer motivation.

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