BUL 2131 Legal Environment of Business (3) (A.S.)

This course introduces the legal environment of business and organizations. Emphasis is on public and regulatory law and on the social, political and ethical aspects of legal issues in business. Topics include the nature of law and legal process, law of contracts and torts, business and the United States Constitution, statutory and common law, business organizations and securities, antitrust, consumer protection and employment law.

FIN 2001 Financial Management (3) (A.S.)

Prerequisite: ACG 2021C or permission of Department Chair. A study of the processes, decisions, structures and institutional arrangements concerned with the acquisition and utilization of funds by a firm is presented. Financial statement analysis for investment is also covered.

GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3) (A.A.)

This is a course in general business terminology and in understanding the agencies, methods, functions and practices of modern business with their resultant effects on the economic and social life of the nation.

GEB 1949 Co-op Work Experience I in Business (1-3) (A.A.)

Four, eight or twelve hours of volunteer or work experience per week are expected depending on the credit hour requirements. Prerequisite: Permission of program manager or instructor. This work-study course reinforces educational and professional growth in a student's academic major through coordinated field experiences. The student, instructor and work site supervisor work together to determine specific learning objectives for each student. The student is then evaluated based on documentation of satisfactory completion of the learning objectives and work assignments. (Officered as needed) Can be repeated with program manager's approval.

GEB 2210 Business Presentations and Communications (3) (A.S.)

This course provides a practical working knowledge of current business communications and develops the skills necessary to analyze, evaluate and formulate effective written, oral and multimedia presentations. Course objectives are achieved through study of readings, research, lecture materials and through individual and group projects and writings. Students are required to complete an empirical research project. Additional special fee is required.

GEB 2930 Special Topics: Business (1-3) (A.S.)

This course is designed to meet the special needs of individuals or groups for which regular described coursess in business may not be available. (Offered as needed)

QMB 1001 Business Mathematics (3) (A.S.)

This course provides an application of mathematics to various business activities that requiring computations such as discounts, markups, determination interest, installment payments and depreciation schedules.


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