Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management

Note:  Effective Summer B 2019, Technology Management (program 8007) has been discontinued.  A new program in Supervision and Management (program 8020)has been approved and will begin the Fall 2019 semester. It has three concentrations for students to choose; Supervision and Management , International Business and Trade, and a Technology Management.


Students interested in Technology Management can learn more about that degree at the Supervision and Management information site.

Students who are currently in B.A.S. Technology and Management can finish out their degree program by following the teach-out plan, but no new students will be admitted into this program.

Program Description/Employment Options For Graduates:

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management Program is designed to help the student develop the skills needed to enhance business competitiveness by leveraging information technology, assessing the impact of technology advances on business, and interacting effectively with executive management as a strategic business partner. To gain the best results for an organization's productivity and success, the student develops and is able to apply leadership skills most suited to working with people in a variety of technology functions and projects. Employment opportunities for program graduates include managerial positions in a variety of fields, including computer and information systems, higher education, manufacturing, purchasing, local government, transportation, storage and distribution, logistics, engineering and construction.

Program Description in Catalog

For more information contact Program Director:

Mara Casado or Dr. Amy Santos

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